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Invitation for Guest Writers

Hi, this is brand new for me and I think it will be a good thing. I know so many of you who are great writers and need a place to display your as yet unpublished work. What do I want? Most formats are fine meaning short stories, poems, essays, memoirs, book, short story and movie reviews or excerpts from a longer work.

Have your work ready for publishing just like you would if you were sending it to a publisher. I’m not going to edit it for you. That’s your job. I may make minor changes so it works for WordPress but that will be the only editing I intend to do.

I reserve the right to decide if the work is suitable for my blog, for my editorial and political mindset.

Keep it short. Under 5,000 words is best but it could be longer. This isn’t a hard and fast rule.

At the end you could put a short bio, probably around 200 words. If you want feedback, ask for it. I’ll notify you of comments or you could check periodically. If you want to link your own blog or website that’s fine. Just return the favor. One caveat. This is a writing blog; nothing is for sale here. By the way, I in no way own your work. I’m only giving it a well-deserved outing. Let me know how to tag it for the Google search engine. Send a photo or copyright free media if you want. You can contact me at